The Line Up 2014

Patsy Cadet

Writer, Vocalist

Patsy Cadet is among the forerunners of the Commercial Caribbean Music Industry. Check the newspaper trail only to find that she has been hailed by a few interesting titles - voted the Caribbean's No. 1 Female Vocalist (1973), the West Indies only International Female Vocalist (1974), "The Caribbean's Queen of Song", " A St. Lucia Beauty in London" (1975). These are a few contained within the decades of the 70"s. Patsy's powerful soprano resonated through high school walls, defiling her slight teenaged frame to grab the attention and admiration of anyone who had an ear and a recording contract. That the main stage would eventually become her professional habitat was foregone conclusion. The name Patsy Cadet is synonymous with chart busters, successful recording projects, regional and international destinations promotion. Suffice it to say that apart from blazing the trail for aspiring songster, Patsy Cadet had been a veritable Ambassador for the St. Lucia Tourism Product. It is a small wonder that the entire Caribbean claimed her as their own.

In the 1970's she toured the states of New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Montreal, and Toronto accompanied by Ronald "Boo" Hinkson. She was also a member of Grenada's Vibrant Jazz society, running the hotel circuit then.

Patsy Cadet was a recorded artist a few times over, during an era when the recording studio was much like the unattainable moon to the island musician. She easily commanded headline status with the nightclub circuit in St. Lucia, Barbados, Grenada, Martinique, St. Croix the wider Caribbean and during her periodic tours to London, French and Dutch Guiana, and British Guiana Expo.

Patsy Cadet comfortably delivers a refreshing repertoire of the old standards garnished with a touch of popular contemporary pieces and timeless classics. Patsy has never "not thrilled" an audience, and time has a way of adding that flavor of vintage to that which is already good. Familiars in her audience always know what to expect, until an adlib explosion of personality and flair leaves them breathless with admiration.