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Mineva Ross

Corporate Communications, Public Relations, Marketing and Sales

The story of Mineva and her music is really a love story of over three decades.

From a very tender age she was drawn to the music of her day but was especially fond of the old classics. And even when her friends and peers were more taken up by "dub" and "dancehall" she found herself completely in love with the music of Billie Holiday, Diana Ross Eta James, and Abba. Quite a rarity in her time.

She developed a truly angelic voice coupled with a flair for the arts. Combining this she found herself in the theatre where she became "a lady of the stage" performing in the musical Troumassee alongside the late Andre Tanker!

She joined one of the leading local soca bands in St. Lucia - DN5. As with most bands she worked the local hotel circuit. Tour throughout the region and gigs in the United States then became regular.

In 2001 she recorded the "monster hit" Winah Gyal (a remix of Wyclef Jean's A perfect Gentleman ) which remained at the top of the local charts for weeks and is a favorite at every party, concert and street jam up to this day.

Mineva has a reputation of performing "clean" music with vast public appeal.

Today she has matured into a Diva with powerful vocals and electrifying stage presence