The Line Up 2013

Michael Robinson

Writer & Vocalist

On March 10th 1992, Michael Robinson made an entrance into the world to begin the legacy of sharing his god given talent. Born into a loving family of five in the sweet island of Saint Lucia, Michael discovered that at the tender age of 7 he was blessed with a voice that many strive to achieve. He began to sing in his local church choir as a backup vocal then continued his way up the ladder to become lead singer.

Persons who have heard Michael's voice could attest to the uniqueness of his voice and truly attribute it to something out of heaven. His passion and love for music grew rapidly and his vision to reach to the top became more visible as he began to grow. The love became music, & the music became his medicine & his universal language on a daily basis.Ethereal Michael evolved his singing career by writing and producing his songs himself. Exposure was top on the priority list for the young singer, and just that he got.

Michael has made a self-realization that his true genre of music is R&B but also has the ability to sing all different types of genres. This young up-coming artist is intelligibly and naturally, versatile .He is truly received a blessing from God.